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About Us

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Since our start in 1920, the Marcus Lumber team has worked hard to become the experts in everything from agricultural pole barns to kitchen cabinet design to the most energy efficient heating and cooling equipment available. Today, our experts are continuing to lead the competition by attending regular employee training meetings with product specialists and hosting various customer educational events throughout the year. In addition to our education and training, we pride ourselves on using some of the latest technology in the industry to help you visualize your project in the most realistic way possible.

Marcus Lumber History

Now in its third and fourth generations Marcus Lumber was founded on February 1, 1920 when Roger T. Leavitt and his family purchased the Thomas Patton Lumber Company in Marcus. Renaming the business to Marcus Lumber Company, Roger T. ran the yard up until 1952. It was in 1950 his son John began working at the business only to have his brother Roger E. join him in 1952. They both jointly managed the business in different capacities, steadily growing the business for the next generation.

In 1971 John’s son Bob joined the company expanding the pole barn business exponentially. In 1980 John’s youngest son Jim began his career at Marcus Lumber after obtaining a construction engineering degree from Iowa State University. Roger E.’s only son Tom joined the family business in 1987 taking over many of the business functions and completing the third generation of Leavitt family management.

Marcus fireIn 2004, in the midst of an office expansion, the company’s primary lumber shed and shop buildings and delivery vehicles were destroyed by a devastating fire. However, the company was able to turn the misfortune around and build a brand new 18,000 square foot office with an expansive showroom, where the previously fire-destroyed buildings were located.

Marcus Team

Shortly thereafter in 2007, the fourth generation began working in the company with Bob’s oldest son, Clay coming on board, adding valuable experience in selling all products after being on job-sites in Des Moines and obtaining a degree in Construction Management. In 2010, Bob’s son Grant, left work as a lumber buyer in the wholesale industry and started within the company. After over 95 years of operation, Marcus Lumber now has over 35 employees and 10 delivery vehicles and looks forward to continued growth in the future!