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The above parties herein make application to Marcus Lumber Co. Corp. and agree that if approved, may purchase materials from Marcus Lumber Co. Corp. on open account. In doing so the undersigned accepts financial responsibility, willingness, and ability to pay for all goods and services purchased in accordance to the terms hereof. It is understood by the undersigned that unpaid balances on an open account over 30 days will be charged a finance charge of 1.5% per month (18% annual). By signing below Marcus Lumber Co. Corp. is authorized to pull credit reports and/or contact any references or banks listed above who are hereby authorized to release any information relating to creditworthiness. If suit or action by an attorney is instituted on an unpaid balance, the undersigned agrees to pay reasonable attorney/collection fees in said suit or action. Marcus Lumber Co. Corp. may exercise its lien rights. The undersigned warrants that the above information is true and accurate; this agreement has been carefully read and understood.

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