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Are Furnace Checks Worth It?

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Marcus Lumber Plumbing and Heating

Before the cold weather hits, many experts recommend having a professional service technician service your furnace to keep it running in good order, but is this expense really worth it?

In short the answer is yes. And the benefits of annual service and inspections are threefold:
1. Prolongs the life of your system by making sure there are no little issues that can turn into big operating issues.
2. A top performing system is more efficient which saves you money on your energy bills
3. Decreases health risks. Service checks can reveal carbon monoxide leaks.

At Marcus Lumber’s plumbing and heating department we can service all makes and models of furnaces. For decades we’ve been the place that can keep your equipment running in top condition. Ask us how you can even get our on TopNotch service program and get your equipment automatically serviced twice a year and save even more money!