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Core Value Quick Hit

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Core Value Quick Hit- Family

Time to Read: 60 seconds

A success family shares a common goal. Our common goal is being the place where quality and service make the difference. In order to achieve this shared goal we need to communicate well, have empathy, trust each other and work together.

Today’s core value quick hit shows what winning looks like for the MLC family.

A few weeks back we received a shipment of vinyl plank and adhesive from Shaw. Chandler observed that the truck didn’t seem to be heated, and the buckets of adhesive appeared frozen. He promptly alerted Paul to investigate, and Paul confirmed that the adhesive was indeed frozen. If Chandler hadn’t noticed and informed Paul, we would have delivered frozen adhesive to the customer. This could have resulted in the opposite of a WOW EXPERIENCE, as frozen flooring adhesive is not good to use after it has been frozen.

Chandler’s actions reflect a true family-like approach. He didn’t say, ‘Not my job, so I don’t care.’ Instead, he understood our shared goal, communicated a potential issue, and worked together to ensure things were right. This is our core value in action. Thank you, Chandler.