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Core Value Quick Hit

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Today’s Core Value Quick Hit



The praise below is always fun to read. How Do you get to experience and achieve customers bragging on you for the world to see ?


We’re convinced it’s by living out the core values we identified as the most important things we can do as company. The benefit and outcome of being true to our core values is receiving such positive notes like this.  Treat you teammates and customers like Family. Do the extra 2% today for that can-do attitude. Be prepared for the next delivery or the next customer to achieve a wow experience. Chip in when you see someone needing help. And do what you said you would do by living with integrity.


Family can win. Family is you. It’s me. It’s the whole team. And family does win at Marcus Lumber when we let these values guide our decisions. The outcome is a working in a better place than yesterday and having customers sing your praises.