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Happy to Help the Marcus Fair!

Friday, September 08, 2017

Marcus Lumber & Marcus Fair

The Marcus Fair is a long standing tradition in Marcus, just like Marcus Lumber! And if you stood inside the new Marcus Fair building right after it was built you would have seen a great wide open space to be used for many years to come. So Marcus Lumber and the Marcus Boy Scout Troop came together to donate Lifetime tables and chairs for the brand new Marcus Fair Building which houses the food stand during the three day festival. Jim Leavitt of Marcus Lumber said “ we think the building turned out great and in looking ahead we saw the seating arrangements also needed to be updated. Marcus Lumber, alongside the Boy Scouts, are very happy to help support and give back to the Fair in this way.”  And the new lifetime tables and chairs were put to good use during the recent Fair passing the first of many durability tests. No matter if it was the preparation crew, the customers who used them or the table busing crew, all seemed to give them the thumbs up as a sign of approval.


Picture above is Mike Moats representing the Marcus Boy Scouts, Jim Leavitt of Marcus Lumber and Kirk Letsche Marcus Fair Board