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MLC Gets Cabinet Naming Nod…..

Saturday, February 10, 2018


Marcus Lumber has formed a great partnership with Bertch Cabinets over the years. And when naming the Marcus door style, Bertch Marketing Team member and Marcus native, Tony Means wanted to give nod to his hometown, as well as to Marcus Lumber.

According to a Bertch Cabinet Press Release:
“The sentiment behind naming the door is simple: Marcus sets the standard. Marcus, Iowa sets the standard with its schools, fair, public spaces and community pride. Marcus Lumber sets the standard for service, quality and progress. And now, the Marcus door style sets the standard for quality and craftmanship with its simple, yet stunning design.”

It was with all this in mind that Tony proposed the name which was approved by the committee and is now quickly becoming a popular door style in Bertch’s Kitchen+ and bath divisions.

It’s worth nothing that Tony’s father, grandfather, and great-uncle have all worked for Marcus Lumber over the years.