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Product Supply Challenges

Monday, November 08, 2021

In recent history, navigating the waters of building project management have probably never been tougher. While the lumber market is back into a more “normal” trading range we’re seeing more supplier side issues than ever before.
Reliability has been diminished and replaced with lead times stretching up to 10 -12 weeks or more.
Windows, doors, siding, decking, cabinets, insulation and roofing all experience regular back orders or stock allocations.
Window manufacturers remain backlogged with 8-12 week lead times. Overhead doors are pushed out to 8 weeks+ and have had substantial price hikes. Steel panels have steadily risen in the past few months with a strong outlook for the remainder of the year. Interior and exterior doors are plagued by component issues and can be back ordered by weeks. Unreliable shipping times make receiving reliable arrival dates on back orders tricky at best, frustrating most often.
Make no mistake we’re doing our best to keep up on lead times, work with vendors, and offer you alternatives to keep your projects moving. We’re blessed to have 101 years of experience behind us and large warehouses in front of us. Our product specialization means you’re getting the latest market information for your projects. Please be aware of these issues and let us know how we can help you!