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Product Updates Amidst Covid

Monday, August 17, 2020

Lumber Palettes

To Our Valued Customers: We want to update you on product supplies and shipment issues you might have heard about recently. Many of our customers have expressed concern about what is going on. Will they have the supplies they need when needed? Will the cost of goods continue to rise?

First, the lumber market is experiencing record high prices and it has happened quickly. The lumber markets have experienced rising prices for the past 18 consecutive weeks. You need to be aware; prices are significantly higher than they were just two short months ago.  Since we can’t change the market, we can inform you and do our best to buy regularly and ride this thing out. We have decades of experience and be rest assured this is not the first runaway market in our history. The markets rise has been increased by the impacts of the pandemic, but it is manageable. We have deep relationships with many distribution partners and lumber mills, and they are paying off now more than ever.

Secondly, we are also seeing product delays and stock outages in a wide range of products including composite decking, windows, doors, and shingles. At any given time, we have multiple truckloads of products in bound. That does not mean that we have every product in limitless quantities. It does mean that we have enough product on the ground and constantly rolling toward our store to keep supplying you in a timely schedule. As we write this, we are buying commodities and other products for shipment in October and November. Despite all of this, there will be spots where we are short on a particular product and waiting on a truck. They will continue to be rare occasions and we apologize for the short delay.

We are also available if you want to talk about what all this means for your project. Give us a call. Now more than ever, this is a time for all of us to be aware and transparent about what is going on. We sincerely appreciate your trust and value your business. Thank you for being our customer!