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What You Should Know When Buying New Windows…

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Andersen Windows on Residential Home

Windows can add beauty on the outside of your home and warmth and light on the inside. But buying windows for your home can be a daunting task. Understanding the terminology used to describe and differentiate window brands is the first step in understanding what makes up a high quality window. At Marcus Lumber we take pride in being window experts and having the heart of the teacher in explaining all these differences. Below is a short guide we’ve put together on what these key terms are and how they affect your windows performance. Stop in to see us and get ALL your answers questions and check out our deep selection of displays.

U-Values tell you the level at which a window conducts heat. The lower the U-value your windows have the better. Living in Northwest Iowa, this measurement is perhaps the most important in order to conserve energy.

Low-emissive, or low-e windows, trap heat by placing a thin metallic coating on the appropriate window pane. Indoor Radiant heat is reflected back inside, cutting the burden on your heating system.

Other Factors:
Large differences in interior and exterior temperatures create condensation on glass. Always make sure you choose a window appropriate for our climate as well as making sure you’re humidity levels in your home stay in check.
Window placement is another factor when building a new home. Windows facing the South let in more heat than North facing windows. Properly placed a window can increase a structure’s passive solar efficiency